Aquaria Process..

Dispensing the Water..

The Aquaria has a very convenient built-in water dispensing facility that gives you Hot water upto 90° C for you to make instant coffee and tea, Cold water upto 8°C and plain water around room temperature.


Application of Aquaria - Rain Tunnel Technology can range from household drinking water needs to community drinking water, public drinking water, railways, airports, emergency and disaster management, defense application, to name a few.

Virgin Water from Aquaria..

The rain is continuously collected in a food grade tank and treated with a 9 stage process before you fill your glass to drink

  • The First stage is a sedimentation filtering.
  • The Second stage is Ultra Filtration at 0.4 microns.
  • The Third is to control oxidation-reduction potential, or ORP, it is a measurement that indicates the degree to which the water is capable of oxidizing or reducing any substance. A positive ORP indicates that a substance is an oxidizing agent and negative ORP indicates that a substance is a reducing agent. Most types of water, including tap water and bottled water, are oxidizing agents as their ORP value is positive. Aquaria water is anti-oxidizing, as it has a negative ORP value and it is able to donate extra electrons to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • The Fourth is to balance the pH of the water. The most ideal pH of your drinking water should be same or little more then the pH of your blood, which is around 7.40. Other than Aquaria water, no other water maintains this pH except some very few natural springs.
  • The Fifth is the FRI stage to remove free radicals.
  • The Sixth is the Taurmaline stage, to remove dissolved harmful gases.
  • The Seventh stage is Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon stage, to remove microbial contamination and odour.
  • The Eighth stage is essential and trace minerals balancing. Balanced amount of minerals required for good health is retained in the water without adding any chemicals.
  • The Ninth stage is the Ultra Violet exposure of water to kill all pathogens, spores of bacteria and fungi and viruses.

You Don’t Need EARTHLY Water Anymore..!

….You get it sent from Heaven now….


  • Aquaria harvests upto 30 liters of water from low Earth atmosphere.
  • Patented, Confined Hypersonic Precipitation powered Rain Tunnel Technology ensures hygienic drinking water at low energy consumption.
  • Air is pre-cleaned to remove particulate matter and airborne bacteria, fungus and viruses.
  • Water is further purified and upgraded using a 9 stage process – Making it better than the most expensive Mineral Water.
  • Water is virgin (just formed) and is delivered at a pH above 7.35 – The same pH as your blood. Absorption and hydration is best at this pH.
  • Water has essential natural Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium.
  • Aquaria virgin water is an anti-oxidizing agent, as it has a negative ORP value and it is able to donate extra electrons to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • While most types of water, including tap water and bottled water, are oxidizing agents as their ORP value is positive.
  • Aquaria virgin water is free from bacteria, fungus, virus, dissolved harmful gases, free radicals, pesticide residues, and fertilizer residues, thus the cleanest and most healthy water.
  • Negative ORP of Aquaria virgin water retains original flavors of tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages and does not oxidize medications, leading to drop in their efficacy.
  • Aquaria is made for the common man, it has the best cost to benefit ratio and the lowest cost of ownership.
  • Owing to continuous development, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Technical Specifications

Rain Tunnel (RT)
  • Product Water Production
  • Air Intake
  • Air Intake Device
  • Static Pressure
  • Intake Filter
  • Intake Disinfector
  • Evaporator
  • Radiator
  • Seeding Precipitation
  • Harvesting Tray
  • Water Tank with Sensors
  • Control System
  • 10 ~ 30 Liters per day
  • 400 ~ 600 m3 / hr
  • Axial Turbo Air Circulator
  • 22 mm H O
  • PM 10 / PM 2.5
  • Ultra Violet
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Hypersonic Precipitator
  • Food Grade PP
  • Food Grade PP; 10.8 L (Primary), 2.8 L Dispenser
  • Real Time On-Board Computer Controlled Fully Automatic
Energy Requirements
  • Power Supplies
  • Power Outlet
  • Power

  • Energy for Product Water (Plain)
  • 220V, 50 Hz, 1 phase
  • 5A Standard Wall Socket
  • Rain Tunnel: Peak :: 590 W; Average :: 200 W
  • 0.16 ~ 0.47 kWh/L
Drinking Water Treatment System (DWTS)
  • Booster Pump
  • Filter No. 1 - Sediment Filter
  • Filter No. 2 - Ultra-Fine (UF) Membrane

  • Filter No.3 - Multi Function (7 Stage)

  • Ultra Violet (UV) Sterilizer

  • Faucets
  • Drinking Water Quality and Standards

  • Water Wasted in Process

  • DC Operated Drinking Water Gradep
  • Filters Large Particles; Replace every 6 ~ 12 months
  • Removes Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus and Other Micro-organism, Organic, Pesticide and Fertilizer Residue; Replace every 18 ~ 24 months
  • Controls ORP, Stabilizes pH, Retains Minerals, Removes Free Radicals, Removes Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus and Other Micro-organisms, Organic, Pesticide and Fertilizer Residue; replace every 18 ~ 24 months
  • Bacteria and Virus Sterilization, so they don’t multiply; replace every 24 ~ 36 months
  • Water at Room Temperature, Hot (90°C), Chilled (8-11°C)
  • Meets World Health Organization (WHO), IS 10500 :: 2012 and other Standards for Drinking Water
  • Nil
Operating Considerations
  • Mean Cycle Life

  • Total Life Expectancy
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Operating Sound Levels
  • Axial Turbo Air Circulators, 15 years; Radiative Evaporator, 20 years; Booster Pump, 15 years
  • 15 years (Average)
  • Temperature 20°C to 48°C : Saturation Water Vapor Pressure: 23.25 ~ 110.48 hPa Actual Water Vapor Pressure: 13.49 ~ 15.56 hPa Maximum Height Above the Sea Level : 5000 feet Maximum Wind Speed: 75 km / hr
  • ≤ 56 dB at distance of 3 ft (1 m) when RT is active
*Specifications may change due to continuous product development without notice

Technological History

In 2007, a well known Indian Scientist and Inventor, who owns many international patents, Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, accidently found that when water is subjected to sound waves in the range of millions of cycles per second, Nano-sized water particles were produced and under certain condition of pressure, temperature and wind velocity, this Nano-water can freeze at much higher temperature forming Nano-Ice Crystals. First he tried to use this discovery to induce rain by vapor deposition with ground based cloud seeding, the experiment failed miserably. But a new technology was born that he named it as "The Rain Tunnel Technology" to create rain in a box with low energy. He thought that the rain in the box could be a source of drinking water some day for millions, who don't have drinking water.

Eight Year of further research could finally produce a real household consumer product like a Refrigerator or a TV or Washing Machine that could produce 30 liters of the finest and cleanest drinking water on the planet, right in your kitchen or living room. He re-created water that existed on the planet 1500 years ago, before commercial farming and industrial revolution started. Balanced alkaline pH, Negative ORP, first time a naturally created liquid water that is an antioxidant, with naturally occurring essential minerals. The product was named Aquaria™, "the heavenly water". It took more than two year to optimize the machine to be affordable to the common man.